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Power Bar model season 2018

One bar to rule them all

The current version of the Bull PowerBar combines quality and easy handling in a very unique way. All its parts are designed for persistence and security. The main parts which take the most of the force from your kite are built from 3mm stainless steel or spray cast parts with 60 percent fibre content.

Our eloxadized and bottom mounted CLAMCEAT fix holds the power tamp in a tight and secure grip without damaging it.

The 6mm power tamp from GLEISTEIN is well known for his endurance. We optimized the setup for extensive depower capabilities. If it should get a little tight- just adjust the stopper part.

We designed the release to be very easy going. We designed the re-attachment very intuitive to avoid any security issues due to wrong handling.

Optimal Line Lenght

17m 21m 25m 29m

New Move

The SEA SURE stainless steel guide roller combinded with swifel and compensator are combined in one and compact part.

You can adjust your settings for small and big kites by using the different attachment points. This is why all our kite lines and sizes are compatible with the PowerBar . One-fits-all!

The nominal length of the lines is 25 meters. If you wish for another size, please let us know. We adjust the bar to all established sizes.