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Rafinha Pro model season 2019, Sizes: 130x39 / 132x40 / 135x41 / 137x41,5 / 141x42

Freestyle / Wakestyle

This is the favourite of our hard-core freestyle rider Rafinha Souza. Since he significantly contributed to the development of this board it is named after him. The result is a classy, lively and very performance-oriented board which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Its relatively hard flex develops an incredible tension and catapults you over the big tips into the orbit.

We optimized the board towards a progressive and moderately concave undercurrent. This will save you a lot of energy while going upwind. Short turns will – no issue.

50kg 60kg 70kg 80kg 90kg 100kg

The biaxial carbon fibre fabrics prevent nasty torsion effects even under maximum load. Moreover we ensure you optimal weight- and pressure figures by cutting the asymmetric cores with computerized cnc-cutters and covered by handmade shells.

The Rafinha Pro comes with soft pads and comfortable straps. G10 fins are already attached.