5'6" / 5'8" / 5'10"


→ Epoxy Bamboo Contruction
→ High-End Finish
→ Plywood Double Stringers
→ Thruster Fin Setting (Futures® Fins)
→ Three-part Footpad
→ Comfort Straps

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Strapless Freestyle

Wave (Small/Medium)

Big Wave

What Size Should I Ride?

Size 5'6" × 17 5/16 5'8" × 17 3/4 5'10" × 18
Volume (Liter) 19 21 23
Board Weight (g) 3.150 3.300 3.450
Riders Weight (Kg) 50–75 60–85 > 80
Price (Euro) 649,- 649,- 649,-

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