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Joker model season 2019, Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14

Powerwave / Freestyle / Freeride

Our newest breed, the Joker, has already become a legend. This new kite line focuses on dynamic and power oriented riding. The unique combination of power, steering behaviour and control will open you another dimension of kiting. Joker will convince you by its very agile flying and steering like no other! Fix it will stand still on the sky. But as soon as you start to send your steering impulses the animal awakes. On its first presentation in Paracurur (Brazil) this new concept has surprised and amazed everyone who had the chance to give it a try!

„Since I know Joker, kiting is fun again. At last there is a kite matching my idea of combining power and control.“ [Nils Sanders]

The Joker is so fast that bottom-turn and cut-back become very easy. Well adjustable power completes your flow “down-the-line”. Easy jumping behaviour and long air time is guaranteed.

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size 14

Direct-bridles improve the transmission of your steering impulse by minimizing the transmission distance. This results in better reactivity and more precise steering. You will need much less force one the bar. Direct-bridles therefore extend your water time significantly and let you merge with your kite!

Bulls unique “lock-seamless front tube” improves the oncoming flow. This improves the whole aerodynamic efficiency of the kite up to 22 percent to other design approaches. Moreover, the new design adds additional stiffness to the front tube.