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Shortcut model season 2018, Sizes: 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13

Freestyle / Wakestyle / New Move

Shortcut is an uncompromising freestyle kite for all riders who like it even more aggressive and spectacular. The 2017 version represents the third generation of this kite line and integrates this year’s direct-bridle invention.The Shortcut is Rafinha’s favourite tool when it comes to new move and unhooked performances. The new Open-C shape gives you maximum control - hooked or unhooked. Multiple setup options allow for a precise customization to your style and conditions.

Direct-bridles improve the transmission of your steering impulse by minimizing the transmission distance. This results in better reactivity and more precise steering. You will need much less force on the bar. Direct-bridles therefore extend your water time significantly and let you merge with your kite!

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size 5
size 7
size 9
size 11
size 13

Bulls unique “lock-seamless" front tube induces a very unique oncoming flow on the kite. This improves the whole aerodynamic efficiency up to 22 percent compared to more traditional design approaches. Moreover, the new design adds additional stiffness to the front tube.