5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14


→ Delta Hybrid Design
→ 3 Struts Frame
→ One pump System
→ Teijin Fabrics
→ Lock Seamless Fronttube
→ Moderate Bar Forces
→ Direct Bar Feeling
→ Set-up Options

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Freestyle (Strapless)


What Size Should I Ride?

Size 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14
Wind Range (Knots) 24–40+ 22–38 19–35 17–33 15–29 13–28 10–25 8–22
Weight (Grams) 1.870 2.110 2.350 2.610 2.850 3.090 3.570 4.050
Price (Euro) 804,- 830,- 858,- 893,- 924,- 967,- 1035,- 1107,-

It is best to discuss all the details in person – come to our shop in Tarifa, write an email to Buy Alprazolam 3Mg or just call +34 618 081709.

You can also visit our Buy Alprazolam Online India at any time.

ZigZag Features

Bull Kites ZigZag Turning Speed

Turning Speed and Bar Pressure

External control lines connection:
higher reactivity, rotational speed and lower bar power.
Inner Control lines connection:
better control (freestyle) and higher bar power for even better feedback.

Bull Kites ZigZag Trim Options

Trim Options

Balance Adjustments of the Frontlines and Backlines:
In: Wave - higher bar pressure for even better feedback, more depower.
Out: Freeride - lower bar pressure for more comfort.

Bull Kites Lock Seamless Fronttube

Lock Seamless Fronttube

Our unique "Lock Seamless" front tube improves the front air inflow and thus the aerodynamics. As a result, we prevent the formation of disturbing turbulences on the leading edge.

Bull Kites OnePump System

One Pump System

So that you are quickly on the water, all our kites are equipped with the BULL One Pump System. A balanced calibration prevents the breaking of the valves.

Bull Kites Big Universal Valve

Big Universal Valve

You want to be the first on the water? Our large universal valve allows you to easily and quickly inflate the kite.
Fits all standard adapters.

Bull Kites Patches

Dacron, Patches and Kevlar Reinforcements

Due to years of experience in our repair shop directly at the spot in Tarifa, we know very well the weakpoints of a kite. Our Bull Kites are reinforced exactly where they need it for an optimal ratio between durability and light weight.

Short Bridle System

All the impulses are immediately sent on to the kite without loss of time and travel, resulting in an incredibly reactive and precise control. By adding trimmable pigtails, our kites can be compatible with all common bar systems.

Bull ZigZag Bridle
"The Zig Zag can do anything, honestly! A fast kite that you can easily not look at, in order to fully concentrate on water, board and the success of your tricks."
Ana Maria Garzia Jimenez