Juice model season 2018, sizes: 3.7 / 4.0 / 4.2 / 4.7 / 5.2

Wave / Surf / Freestyle

Juice is a absolutely balanced sail. It has four cross-bars a flat cut and extreme low center of gravity. This makes it the perfect tool for riding serious waves. Where the waves are higher than your sail, this is where Juice is at home. Down the line and straight into the bottom turn. For direct handling we placed the pressure point at the lower front. This is how you keep the sail under control even in the most gusty conditions. The sail accelerates you progressive to top speed.

Wind Table with 75kg person

15kt 20kt 25kt 30kt 35kt +40kt

size 3.7
size 4.0
size 4.2
size 4.7
size 5.2
We designed Juice for the customers who like to ride a sensible sail reacting to the slightes steering impulses without delay. A sail for the radical waver and crazy freestyler out there. A sail knowing no limits. As with our other sails we applied our "dry construction" keeping the wight stable even when it wet. To keep the weight down we only used selected laminats and passed on using any mono film.

Figure Table

Boom (cm)
Luff (cm)
Rec. Pole
Vario Top
Weight (kg)
# crossbars


142355340/370 yes2.54


148372370 yes2.64


152379370/400 yes2.74


162402370/400 yes2.94


171418400 yes3.14