Multivitamin model season 2018, sizes: 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5

No Cam Freeride / Crossover

Multivitamin is our all-rounder. It is very versatile: whether you want to use it in calm conditions or as a speed rocket – it won’t disappoint you. The small pole pocket and the camber-less design will help you doing your manoeuvres. Smooth rotation of the six crossbars and on it goes on the new course. An elaborate cut allows for a huge trim area. From very bulgy to flat – everything is possible. The “free twist leech” works on the whole length and reduces turbulences in critical areas. With Multivitamin you will reach speeds you would only expect from a camber sail!

Wind Table with 75kg person

10kt 15kt 20kt 25kt 30kt 35kt

size 6
size 6.5
size 7
size 7.5
size 8
size 8.5


We only used the best quality material on the market and constructed most of the sail in x-ply laminates. This is how we reduce weight and boost the stiffness of the sail. We prevent water from intruding in the overlaps by using self-adhesive insignia. This is how your wet sails will always be as light as a dry one.

Figure Table

Boom (cm)
Luff (cm)
Rec. Pole
Vario Top
Weight (kg)
# crossbars


189437430 no4.16


197453430 no4.16


206473460 no4.66


215490460/490 no4.96


222504490 no5.16


230517490/510 no5.46