Taurin model season 2018, sizes: 5.2 / 5.6 / 6.0 / 6.4

Freestyle / Freeride / Freewave

Turn until you get dizzy. Jumping, maneuvers of all kind but also relaxed cruising were the requirements for the 2014 edition of Taurin. Sporty, but having with a wide range of usage.

Wind Table with 75kg person

10kt 15kt 20kt 25kt 30kt 35kt

size 5.2
size 5.6
size 6.0
size 6.4
The five crossbars stabilize an innovative profile design with a slight s-turn (helix). The extremely low center of gravity will help all the style-riders with an unbelievable handling of this sail. We prevent water from intruding in the overlaps by using self-adhesive insignia. This is how your wet sails will always be as light as a dry one.

Figure Table

Boom (cm)
Luff (cm)
Rec. Pole
Vario Top
Weight (kg)
# crossbars


177422400/430 yes3.65


183434400/430 yes3.75


188447430 no3.85


195460430/460 no4.05